Cappa Via Cave Hotel is a hotel that was formed as a result of a two-year restoration adventure that started in 2019 of a historical mansion built in 1871, located opposite Ortahisar Castle, the world's largest fairy chimney.

The first human settlement in Cappadocia, which is full of mysterious sentences and the unknown is more than the known, dates back to the Paleolithic period. This region has hosted many civilizations such as Assyrians, Hittites, Persians, Romans and Seljuks for thousands of years. For this reason, we can call Cappadocia the cradle of civilizations.

Would you like to live this dream, which is one of the structures bearing traces of all these civilizations in the region? Cappadocia attracts attention not only with its history but also with its formation. How would you like to experience this marvel of formation with us?

Mission: We are pleased to meet the expectations of our valued guests at the highest level by combining this historical texture of Cappadocia with our quality service.

Vision: Continuity in our quality service and being active not only in this region but also all over the world.